Southland Transportation Company provides America’s finest companies with the solution to their transportation challenges. We offer comprehensive transportation services throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Our corporate office and main terminal resides in Boonville, NC with a new terminal in Knoxville, TN. and satellite offices in Hickory, NC and Las Vegas, NV.  Southland Transportation Company strives to deliver seamless service at the local, regional and national level. The team of experienced distribution professionals at Southland Transportation possess a wide range of industry knowledge with decades of experience.  This enables us to obtain competitive advantages for our client base by providing customized logistical solutions. Southland Transportation specializes in delivering:

  • Late Model Equipment (Average 3 years)
  • 53’ Dry Vans, mostly air ride
  • Spotted Trailers
  • Extensively Trained Drivers
  • 24/7 Dispatch Coverage
  • Equipment and drivers dedicated to large accounts
  • QUALCOMM Satellite-equipped trackers
  • EDI 204, 990, 997, 214 & 210
  • Full Service Brokerage to handle all of your transportation needs


Southland Transportation Company began operations on January 2, 1988 in Dobson NC. The company started with three company trucks and one owner-operator truck, hauling automotive parts from North Carolina to Ford and Chrysler plants in Michigan and returning with coil steel. In 1991 Southland began hauling furniture to the Midwest for Klaussner Furniture in Asheboro, NC and candles to various points around the nation for the Candle Corporation of America in Elkin, NC. In recent years Southland has experienced phenomenal growth, expanding the four tractor operation to a formidable current 205 tractors and 500 trailer fleet. This growth was facilitated by a few additions in the corporate structure. Snow Creek Trucking was a separate and already successful entity that was brought in to work along with Southland. Snow Creek’s main purpose was to lease equipment to Southland and provide full shop service to all equipment leased to Southland. They also provide shop service to outside companies and individuals. In 1994 the need for more trucks became obvious. In an effort to satisfy the needs of our customers and at the same time keep costs to a minimum, Southland Brokerage Company began operations the same year.  The brokerage division has now grown into a three office operation, two of which are satellite offices, one in Hickory, NC and Las Vegas, NV.

In late 1995 Dobson Driver Services (DDS) was incorporated. DDS is a payroll operation that provides payroll services to some owners who have equipment leased to Southland and are not able to provide payroll service to their drivers. This helped attract out of state truck owners, and offered an easy opportunity for current owners to add trucks without the worry of doing weekly payroll. Due to Southland’s tremendous growth, the small office in Dobson where Southland began was quickly outgrown and the corporate office was moved to Boonville, NC. Soon this building was outgrown and an existing building was remodeled for use. Amazingly, Southland outgrew both of these facilities and a new building was erected in 1999 to accommodate its growing personnel. In addition to structural and personnel growth, Southland has experienced technological growth. In mid 1999 Southland upgraded its computer system to ensure Y2K compliance and open our doors to new technology that would benefit the Company as well as our Customer’s future needs.

We are proud to say Southland’s continued growth is due to the hard work and dedication of each employee. Whether it comes from office personnel, mechanics, or drivers, we do what it takes to get the job done and earn the appreciation and loyalty of our customers.